Pins serigrafiats

Silkscreen printed lapel pin can duplicate exact details of your logo in full order, the colors are PMS matching and can go all the way to edges of yourPassador de solapa, no need of metal trim to separate colors. Each color is silkscreen printed onto custom pins, dried and additional colors printed one at a time. Silkscreen process also can be applied toPins de cloisonne,Imitació agulles d'esmalt dur and agulles d'esmalt suau. Recommend to add epoxy coating to top of pins to keep the colors from fading and cracking, but still optional.
● Materials: Bronze, Aluminum, Stainless Iron
● Motifs: Silk Screen printing
● Colors: Printing ink to match PMS colors
● Finishing: No plating with brush brass, or with different plating options for bronze material.
● Common Attachment Options: Spur Nail & Metal Butterfly clutch, Spur Nail & rubber clutch, flat head tie tack, deluxe tie tack, safety pin, magnet, stick pin w/end, tie tack with chain
Embalatge: 1pc/ polybag, or according to customer’s request
● NO MOQ limitation